Introduction of Tomorrow Land Music Festival

Tomorrow land is one of the famous electronic dance festival across the world that held’s in Boom and Belgium.  You become very surprised to know that this festival made rapid progress whole world.  This festival was first held in 2005 and since it becomes most notable music festival. In order to receive extra demand of audience festival organized run to back-to-back weeks usually displayed one time’s in a week.  This year the mega event tickets’ for music festival sold 400,000 per day which is more than ever in its history.


People from over the countries bringing together fans of all culture and they enjoy common interest of dance music. At international level popularity of European music is now in demand even that tickets sold out in just an hour of day this year.  Fans jump to attract in the dance music realm which is one of respected event nowadays.

2019 Tomorrowland will begin on

Friday, 19 July


2019 Tomorrowland ends on

Sunday, 28 July

Quick Facts about Tomorrowland’s

What is it?

The world’s largest platform EDM festival which offers electronic music for first time, organization in 2005.

When is it?

Festival take place every year in the summer season towards the end of July.


The location of Tomorrow Land Festival is fixed.  Which take place mostly in Boom, located between Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium?


Well, this is world best festival where from different areas people take a part. In the 2005, when music was start first began there were 9000 people per week but in 2016 it increases up to 180,000 audience.


The prize for Tomorrow land Festival ticket is totally based on type of tickets. One day pass is start at 98$, 3 days passes starting from 272$ and highly packages start from 6000$ or more.

Where and when are Tomorrow lands 2019?

Well this was first question that arrived in people minds who love to have music festival. Festival is continuing for two weekend mostly schedule is given here below;

Weekend 1             Friday July 19th 2019 – Sunday July 21st 2019

Weekend 2            Friday July 26th 2019 – Sunday July 28st 2019

Since 2005 tomorrow land take place at same place at recreation area De Schorre in Boom, Belgium. This is town of Belgium situated between Antwerp & Brussels.

What should be Minimum Age to Attend Tomorrow Festival?

The minimum age limit is starting from 18 which follow rules of European festival. Anyone who is under age of 18 can be permitted entrance in 2019 music festival. This is strict policy and everyone should have to adopt this. Tomorrow land also accompanied by and adults will not be permitted entrance in hall.

Popularity of European Music Festival

People love to listen European music festival fans jump to have this opportunity. Now tomorrow Music Festival fans have a chance to listen to their favorite artist of own your choice. Classical music is also lineup like that Tiestio, Armin Van Buuren, and Steve Angello a new generation of mega-talent in music both local and global. All Tomorrow land top stages shows has its predecessor year-by-year. More attraction of fans toward music slowdown the internet speed because, internet is already buzzing now. It means that now fans can also listen music online using internet source. So, for more and more details legend of Tomorrow land can check website which is especially for themselves.  Tomorrow land proves that’s many of its festival-goers become famous all around world. The global gourmet packages offer different set of services to explore Belgium and Europe soft type of music qualities in hotels and transportations off-site.

Magnificent History World’s Most Popular Festival

The festival which is brand music in the world is Tomorrow land’s since from 2005. Music is translated into all worlds’ languages as the demand of fans due to its fair share trials and tribulation at the start. The gigantic festival is now sold out in many other countries in a second as demand of European music increasing day by day. People from different corner of world’s struggle to build their reputation. Lyrics of Music are difficult but attractive to get attention of fans. About Tomorrow land is a source to bring the fair-tale reality into hearts of dance and music lovers now, every year.

However, in an early festival a hue crowed of fans around the most world’s talented artist was seen. People were very excited to meet with the complete band of music artist a humble respect made by audience and enjoy.  As music is very near around people but this music generate a positive response. Tomorrowland Winter Music festival become a craze for fans even, milliner audience to spend their extra cash, cost is $260 in pre-sale and sells out in a second.

Is Other Countries is interested in Tomorrow Land’s Festival?

Festivals are always closer to European people even that many of couples love to attend them to make more fun. In USA there is no shortage of festival Option for fans whatever it was take place any where?  Near about two millions of people buy online ticket’s to have a chance of Tomorrow land festival. It becomes very surprised to know all the sale of 180, 000 tickets’ is now just in blink of eye. Really, a wonderful is this it means that people have deep keen to love this music festival always. It was recently made search that 180,000 attendees take a part in music from over 100 countries of the world.

Tomorrow land’s Music Festival Tickets Online (Efficient Way)

This year, join biggest electronic music festival taking place once again in Boom, Belgium over two weekends. Don’t miss this offer those who are interested to have music festival by purchasing online tickets.  It was announced recently, the first music of Tomorrow land is set to take place in end week of July.  2019 Tomorrow festival promised a full weekend music show to make it best festival escape forever.  It was also announced the most famous artist renowned EDM will be perform on the stage across a various electronic music.  Get this opportunity to have Full Madness, Magnificent Green and made your weekend Magical Friday, Incredible Saturday, or glorious Sunday. Tickets are available online to become a part of fun for Tomorrow land festival this time.